Hong Kong Timeline

Fran Fran that excellent points exercised quickly for you. My better half is Taiwanese and also currently all Taiwan applications experience HK. Because as of 6 months ago Taiwanese dont, do HK locals need a visa to simply visit Canada. Maybe this is why your RC was refined so quickly? Any suggestion of where the 19 month handling time originates from? HK. I’m a Canadian person as well as have actually stayed in Taiwan for 6 years. I will certainly involve Canada initially as well as look for my spouse. I wonder how i can get the exact same result as you when I hear 19 months to process i freak out. Yes, Guangdong, Fujian as well as Guangxi and also Hainan are refined with Hong Kong. I am simply completing our application.

Anybody has a feeling if our instance would certainly be an issue? We found out each various other recognizing on-line October 2010, checked out China Jan. The reasoning was no travelling experience outside China, not adequate revenue. My spouse has an apartment or condo and also family members below, I sustain her. I assume in truth she was refuted as we simply had actually wed and also Canada migration is extremely cautious in concerns to phoney marital relationships as well as establishes high demands. If required, we will send out our application Mid to end March 2012 and also are prepared to sustain 19 months. Who else wishes to share their HK Application tale?

Bear in mind that this only jobs if your business is an actual service that produces revenue and also pays tax obligations. I’ll begin with a truth: incomes in visa Hong Kong are, generally, a lot greater than wages in Beijing as well as Shanghai. This implies that rates are greater as well. The outcome is that if you’re a trainee or you’re paid in international money by an international company, then your buying power will certainly be a lot greater in Beijing or Shanghai. Generally, incomes in Shanghai are a little bit more than in Beijing. Thus, I assume that in Shanghai you’ll obtain the most effective salary/cost of living proportion. Let’s begin with the greatest expenditure