Everything you need to know about shark fishing!

Shark is one of the most dangerous predators on earth. You cannot even think of trying to catch a shark, but if you are an adrenaline junkie, then this can be a highly thrilling activity for you. In the past few years, shark fishing has gained tremendous popularity.

If you want to do something exciting this weekend, then you must go for shark fishing Galveston as it will provide you with an unforgettable experience. There are various types of sharks, and only a few of them should be targeted while fishing; otherwise, you may lose your life.

There are multiple methods that are used while shark fishing; you must know about them.

Some of the most effective ways of shark fishing

Chumming for sharks

Chumming is one of the most popular and common methods used during shark fishing. In this method, a piece of shark’s favorite food is used to attract it and catch it. A large piece of dead fish is thrown in the area, where there are most amounts of sharks.

The food floats in water and attracts the sharks as they have quite strong senses and can smell blood easily. You can use other foods as bait too, such as menhaden, mackerel, tuna, etc as sharks love them all.

Surf fishing

Surf fishing is one of the most dangerous and difficult methods usedin shark fishing. You need to be highly brave to try this method of shark fishing. In surf fishing, you have to catch the shark by your hand, and there is no safety equipment and the barrier between you and the shark. In this method, you need to put bait in a wide area in the water.

Drop heavyweight bait and keep the slack tight as you need to pull it anytime. After catching a shark, always unhook it when it is on its back.