Bike Storage in Apartment, Is it Possible?

When you live in an apartment, you don’t always have the good fortune of having a bicycle storage room. On the other hand, rare are the reckless who dare to let their little queen sleep outside, as the thefts are frequent.

So if you do not want to attract the wrath of your neighbors by occupying the space intended for strollers, it is sometimes necessary to bring the bike inside your apartment. For example, in 2019, 500,000 bikes were stolen.

However, it is not always easy to find a place for it. Do not panic ! We interviewed specialists to allow you to host your bike and optimize space!

Store your bike upright with a bike rack

According to indoor bike racks review The bike rack is a super practical accessory for those who wish to store their bikes indoors.

A word of advice: this system is more suitable for classic bikes than electric bikes, which are much heavier!

Hang your bike against the wall

The bike stand is a clever way to mix business with pleasure: by installing a few hooks against the wall, you can fix your bike, which will be levitating above the ground, as in this tutorial which we had you already spoken !

Please note, if you value your white walls, the experts recommend adding a little protection on the pedals and the handlebars so as not to leave marks.

Hang your bike in a vacuum with a pulley

If you don’t intend to invest your wall, why not set your sights on the ceiling?

This idea was brought to us by the professional, who recommends this ceiling bike rack that works with a pulley! Suffice to say that it is recommended to wash your bike before hanging it above the sofa. It may be very original or even design to place it over a bed or a sofa but think of two things: first, the closer the bike is to the exit, the more you will be tempted to use it.